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One of the key partners of our company is the ¨Skolkovo¨ Foundation, which within its activities contributes to the launching, promotion and development of start-up projects, such as ours. The fund contributes to the creation of successful result-oriented companies for the development of our country's economy. You can read more about activities of the foundation here:
¨Skolkovo¨ Foundation

Skolkovo Foundation

¨Intekhnika¨ LLC is a Russian company horizontally integrating capabilities of a number of global producers in a single concept of marketing, commercial, engineering and technological, advertising and information activities aimed at equipping of machining facilities in various industries with metal cutting and auxiliary tools, tooling and technological accessories.

To get acquainted with a full list of products and services of our partner, please visit the company's website:
¨Intekhnika¨ LLC


It is the largest ophthalmologic centre combining a scientific institution, modern clinics, educational centres and experimental production. The branch of the Federal State Budgetary Institution "Eye Microsurgery" named after Acad. S.N. Fyodorov In June 2015, signed a contract with ¨SEMAT¨ LLC to develop a special unit for electrochemical polishing. The unit is designed for precision surface finishing of microsurgical products made of stainless steel.
Read more about the centre here:
Federal State Budgetary Institution "Eye Microsurgery" named after acad. S.N. Fyodorov

¨Weber Comechanics¨ LLC is one of the largest suppliers of metalworking equipment.
The wide range of metalworking and welding equipment supplied by "Weber Comechanics" includes: CNC metal cutting machines;
equipment for sheet metal and coil processing; thermal cutting machines; machines for production, processing of pipes, profiles and wires; band saws and sawing lines based on disc machines; plasma, contact and arc welding machines;
For a full list of products and services visit the company's website:
¨Weber Comechanics¨ LLC.

Weber Comechanics