Additive manufacturing
Design and manufacture of machine tools

SEMAT - A new word in metal processing!

Russian company "SEMAT" LLC (trademark SEMAT) develops and manufactures electrochemical machine tools for processing of metal parts as well as installations of ultrasonic units of deformation hardening.

The company is a resident of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre whose activities are aimed at promoting the successful implementation of innovative technological start-ups in various sectors of our country's economy. Today, we solve the challenges of machining parts from conductive materials in cases where other methods, including conventional machining, prove difficult or completely impossible.

Today we solve problems of machining parts made of conductive materials in cases where machining by other methods, including traditional machining, is practically or completely impossible.

We are able to solve complex problems even when the best foreign technologies are powerless.
Our goal is to create high-tech equipment and a new Russian brand in the global machine tool industry.
R&D for multi-axis electrochemical machining and ultrasonic metal deformation hardening

Design and manufacture of machine tools based on electro-physical methods of processing hard-to-machine items
Engineering and services for the machining of parts

Engineering & part machining services

Areas of work:

Within the Promtech Skolkovo cluster, our company is engaged in research and development of electrochemical equipment for multi-coordinate electrochemical machining with rod electrode tools and the development and production of ultrasonic deformation hardening machines with artificial intelligence in the control system.

Based at the Skolkovo Technopark, SEMAT has its own pilot production facility with all the necessary resources and equipment.

One of the company's main strengths and assets is its professional team, which brings together top-class designers, technologists and engineers for electrophysical metal treatment methods, as well as experienced management and sales specialists.

  • Ultrasonic Deformation Hardening (UDH)
  • Electrochemical Machining (EM)

The company aims to develop a dealer network and enter overseas markets with export sales. The basis for achieving these ambitious goals is unique technology and high competence, supplemented by R&D, patents and a first-class service.

development and dissemination of electrochemical treatment and ultrasonic deformation hardening technologies in Russia and worldwide.
SEMAT's strategic vision:

Industries and applications:

  • space industry
  • aircraft industry
  • automotive industry
  • engine manufacturing
  • instrumentation
  • medicine
  • micromechanics and microelectronics
  • tool production
  • power engineering
  • armaments production
  • additive manufacturing
  • jewellery production

Key value of cooperation with SEMAT:

The ability to obtain products with unique properties that provide a radical competitive advantage, or significantly reduce costs through the use of electrophysical processing methods or ultrasonic hardening.

Partnering with us can yield significant results:

An increase in the level of product competitiveness

Improved product quality

Improved surface quality

Reduced machining time
No tool wear and tear
Minimisation of labour and production costs

SEMAT is not just a company, it is:

  • A chain from laboratory to production, which is rare in Russia.
  • Professionals in technology, production and sales.
  • Years of experience, well known brands among clients and trust of large governmental institutions
  • Successful resident of Skolkovo Innovation Center
  • Reliable Russian manufacturer of high-tech equipment for metalworking

Proprietary technologies and patents

Russian production

Flexible adaptation to customer requirements
Simple and convenient management system

Technical and technological support

Pre-production test processing and R&D

After-sales service (2 years warranty + service)

Design development by SEMAT

Design and production of machines for multi-coordinate electrochemical machining with rod electrode tools

An important part of the company's work is the development and research of two areas which we carry out as part of our innovation activities at Skolkovo:

Design and production of ultrasonic strain-hardening units with artificial intelligence in the control system

The target product is electrochemical multi-axis machines of a modular system that will be able to machine any conductive part with the highest surface quality without a special electrode (a universal electrode of the "cutter" or "wire" type), without consumables (except for an aqueous electrolyte solution) and without changing the part structure (heating, flaking, etc.)
The modular system will allow to respond quickly to the needs of a particular customer in obtaining a complete turnkey solution: electrochemical machine and technology for specific production requirements at an optimum price.
As a result of research work in the area of electrochemical machining, a project for creating a prototype "Electrochemical multicoordinate machine of a modular system for machining with a rotating rod electrode" is being developed, with the possibility of subsequent serial industrial production.
The target product is ultrasonic strain-hardening installations with artificial intelligence in the control system as well as their mobile versions.

The target product is ultrasonic strain-hardening installations with artificial intelligence in the control system as well as their mobile versions.

As part of R&D in the field of ultrasonic deformation hardening, innovative solutions have been developed to improve the design of waveguides, automation of software and hardening technology, development of an experimental base for the application of artificial intelligence algorithms in the control system.