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Metalworking 2021

At the Skolkovo Foundation stand, SEMAT presented the Sk-UIT series, a series-production ultrasonic deformation hardening machine from SEMAT, equipped with a collaborative industrial robot.

The unique machine's self-training control system contains elements of artificial intelligence, enabling algorithms to optimise operating parameters without human intervention. The Sk-UIT100 is designed to increase a workpiece's life by increasing fatigue resistance and reducing the number of stress centres in the surface layer.
The great interest was paid to the presented ultrasonic machine from professionals in the field of hardening.
The SEMAT Sk-ECM450D for deburring and rounding off sharp edges was also presented at the SEMAT stand. Application of Sk-ECM450D is appropriate for treatment of various units and parts of machines, tools and devices with complicated construction or hard-to-reach places (internal intersections of surfaces, pockets, etc.), as well as in cases where treatment is required without changing physicochemical properties of the product surface layer. Due to the fact that electrochemical treatment technology is a non-contact method, the surface of the part is free of thermal defects, hardening and micro-cracks. A large working chamber and high-performance current source allow multiple parts to be treated at the same time.
The exhibition Metalloobrabotka 2021 is a great opportunity to demonstrate the equipment of own design, to attract new partners, to get new business contacts. With the support of NUMETS (National Union of Metalworking Equipment and Tool Suppliers), SEMAT took an active part in the "Industry 4.0" conference, where leaders in the digital transformation of the metalworking industry and young promising start-ups were brought together on a single platform.

It was noted at the conference that Industry 4.0 (the fourth industrial revolution) defines a new approach to production, involving massive implementation of information technologies, digitalisation, large-scale automation of business processes and the spread of artificial intelligence. Other informative speeches of great practical importance were of great interest to the professional and expert audience.
Each presentation was followed by a lively discussion. Possible ways of development of own productions, complicated tasks which industry participants have already faced as well as opportunities which the market can offer to achieve the set goals were discussed.

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