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The XV International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2021 took place at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic has significantly reduced the international presence.

The air show was a unique event for the global aviation industry compared to similar events which did not take place all over the world. Despite all negative factors MAKS-2021 kept large-scale representation of both Russian and foreign companies.

MAKS-2021 became the venue for world premiere shows. The latest Checkmate light tactical aircraft attracted a great deal of interest. For the first time the mid-range MS-21-310 airliner equipped with domestic PD-14 engines was presented to the general public. The regional turboprop IL-114-300 became the premiere of MAKS. One more novelty is the Baikal light multipurpose aircraft. Russian Helicopters presented the upgraded Mi-171A3 helicopter for operation on offshore oil platforms, the Ka-32A11M with an upgraded propulsion system, new avionics and a SP-32 firefighting system, and the Ansat-M with an extended flight range.

International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2021
The United Engine Corporation (UEC) presented designs of turboshaft engines VK-650V and VK-1600V, and a demonstrator of gas generator engine PD-8, created for use in the power plant of the SSJ-New aircraft. Other time-tested engines were also showcased.
The business program of UEC was busy and very interesting, which attracted many specialists from Russia and foreign countries.

Representatives of SEMAT, a Russian manufacturer of electrochemical machines and ultrasonic machinery for the machining of GTE blades, attended several thematic events. We were most interested in the meeting and subsequent discussion with specialists from Saturn as part of a discussion on world-class technological competences at one of the events of the business program.
It was noted that in the introduction of additive technologies, the issue of finishing parts to obtain the required surface finish is acute. One of the technologies to achieve the required result is electrolytic plasma polishing. There is also an urgent need to increase the fatigue strength of GTE blades.

As a result of the meeting with the UEC, agreements were made to carry out test hardening treatments on SEMAT SK-UIT series equipment. Polishing services were also offered on the SEMAT Sk-EPP25 electrolytic plasma unit.

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