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Assembly of SEMAT copy-piercing machines

Компания SEMAT в рамках выполнения заказа на два копировально-прошивных станка производит сборку SkC6045 и SkC1060.

The SEMAT sinker EDM is used to produce high-precision forming with bulk copper or graphite electrodes in all electrically conductive materials, regardless of hardness. Machining takes place with immersion in an oily hydrocarbon dielectric.

Each machine is equipped with operating current generators with arc detection and prevention system, carbon control system, automatic current feed correction. The maximum metal removal rate of one machine is 1250 mm³/min. At the customer's request, the current generator capacity was increased in order to be able to work with electrodes with a larger surface area.

The SkC6045 and SkC1060 copy-piercing machines are equipped with a pivoting axis and EROWA accessories for complex copy-piercing tasks. The precision "C" rotary axis is designed to rotate the electrode to the required angle within 0.01 degrees and perform complex undercutting and orbital movements such as helical processing.

The precision "C" rotary axis is designed to rotate the electrode to the required angle with an accuracy of 0.01 degree.
The automatic electrode changer significantly increases machining capacity.

The SKC6045 has an automatic fork electrode-changer with 6 positions, and the SKC1060 has an automatic turret electrode-changer with 12 positions.
Work of the automatic electrode changer installed on the SKC1060:
→ Assembling process of the machines
Ball screw installation
Work bath
Automation connection
Easy to use interface (In Russian, as per client request)

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