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Machining of workpieces on SEMAT series deburring machine Sk-ECM-D

SEMAT conducted test deburring of stainless steel components at its lab in Skolkovo.

Part name: Enclosure
Material: Stainless steel
There are burrs on the inner surface of the part body at the intersection of the Ø0.6mm and Ø11mm holes. The burrs were formed after the Ø0.6 mm holes were drilled at an angle in the direction of the Ø11 mm hole. On all the submitted parts (before machining), there are "steps" on the surface of the Ø11mm holes - traces of the transition from a larger diameter to a smaller one.

Objectives of machining:
1. To remove burrs by electrochemical method on details after machining in a zone of crossing of holes Ø0,6mm and Ø11mm.
2. To confirm the possibility of using the SEMAT Sk-ECM-D electrochemical machine for three types of machining:
- Machining the upper part of the hole cavity Ø11mm including the deburring zone.
- Finishing in the burr area only
- Finishing of the entire bore hole Ø11mm including the deburring zone.
3. Evaluation of the results of the work carried out:
- Evaluate the productivity of Sk-ECM-D unit for machining a series of parts in the amount of 1500pcs/month, with the equipment working in one shift of 8 hours.

SEMAT deburring machine Sk-ECM-D
Three types of machining were carried out:
Finishing of the upper part of the hole cavity Ø11 mm, including the deburring area.
Machining only in the deburring area (chamfer).
Machining the entire hole cavity Ø11 mm including the burr area.
Before machining
After machining
Results of machining:

After electrochemical machining, the burrs are removed and the edges in the intersection area of the holes are rounded. The surface is passivated and coated with a matt grey film. The calculated capacity of one SEMAT SK-ECM-D electrochemical installation will allow carrying out a production programme for machining a series of parts totalling 1,500 pieces/month, with equipment running in one shift of 8 hours, regardless of the decision taken on the type of machining (No.1, 2 or 3). The potential of the installation will allow to increase the volume of production by 5 times and more. The Sk-ECM-D is designed to be cost-effectively upgraded to a higher capacity if further increases in capacity are required.

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