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The SEMAT company received a patent for an ultrasonic hardening unit

LLC SEMAT obtained a patent for an ultrasonic hardening unit which is fully developed in-house.

The design and development work were carried out successfully and in a relatively short time. The design team applied completely new solutions, which made it possible to achieve high productivity of the unit while ensuring uniformity of parts processing. The prototype has shown excellent results and several units have already been put into commercial operation at enterprises of the Russian Federation.

The ultrasonic hardening units of SEMAT Sk-UIT series are designed for ultrasonic deformation hardening of parts in a spatially confined volume by using the kinetic energy of moving working bodies - steel balls, with or without the use of finely dispersed powder-like alloying materials.

Advantages of ultrasonic hardening:
  • Uniform processing of complex shaped workpieces
  • High productivity
  • Low power consumption
  • Low repair and maintenance costs
  • Compactness

  • Aviation gas turbine engine parts
  • Parts for gearboxes, steering gears and chassis
  • Engine parts (connecting rods, bolts, levers, valves)
  • Press tools and assembly jigs

Effect achieved:
  • Increase of fatigue life by 15...50%.
  • Increase of cyclic durability up to 10 times
  • Dimensional changes - 1...2 microns

SEMAT patent

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