Ultrasonic shot peening (Usp)

Ultrasonic shot peening of complex parts is carried out due to the kinetic energy of moving steel balls
using (or not using) fine-dispersion powdered alloying materials.

Ultrasonic deformational hardening benefits:

  • static strength increase by 13 ... 50%;
  • life stress cycles increase up to 10 times;
  • dimensional changes – 1 ... 2 μm


  • automatic part identification and appropriate program selection
  • modern component base
  • compact size
  • user-friendly and intuitive interface
  • possibility of remote monitoring and factory networking
  • possibility of remote updating of the expert system intelligent database (in order to simplify the selection of machining modes for new parts)
  • hardened parts automatic counting
  • work logging
  • programs database storage and modification

Ultrasonic hardening application area:

  • parts of aircraft gas turbine engines,
  • parts of vehicle gearbox, transfer case and chassis,
  • engine parts (connecting rods, bolts, levers, valves),
  • sports weapon parts,
  • stamping equipment, metalwork and assembly tools.