Research & Development

Our innovative activities in Skolkovo touch upon research and development in the following areas:
  1. design and manufacture of machines for multi-axis electrochemical machining with rod-shaped electrode tools;
  2. design and manufacture of ultrasonic shot peening machines with artificial intelligence in the control system.
As a result of research activity in electrochemical machining an innovative project is being released - creation of an experimental industrial sample "Electrochemical multi-axis modular machine for processing by rod-shaped rotating electrode" with the possibility of starting serial production. Target product is electrochemical multi-axis modular machines which can process all conductive parts with higher quality surface without a special electrode (with a universal type electrode like "milling cutter" or "wire") on CNC program. There is also no need for consumable materials (except aqueous electrolyte solution) and the structure of the part is not changed under processing (heating, peening, etc.). The modular system will allow to meet the needs of a specific customer the fastest way in obtaining a complete "turnkey solution" for an electrochemical machine and technology for specific production requirements at an optimal price.
 As part of research in the field of ultrasonic shot peening, some innovative solutions have been worked out in order to improve the design of waveguides, software and hardening technology. We also develop an experimental base for using artificial intelligence algorithms in the control system. The target product of the project is ultrasonic shot peening machines with artificial intelligence in the control system, as well as their mobile versions.

Patent for invention № 2622075
«Method of electrochemical dimensional machining with a rotating electrode with an eccentricity of the working surface»
  • Patent holder: SEMAT LLC,
  • Request № 2016115385,
  • Priority of the invention: 20th of April, 2016,
  • Date of state registration in the Government register of inventions of the Russian Federation: 9th of June, 2017,
  • The exclusive right to an invention expires: 20th of April, 2036.